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Subject: Don't Cry Over Spilled Coffee Chapter 2Disclaimer: I do not know any of the celebrities mentioned in the story,
and I do not know the true sexuality of them either. This is a work of
complete fiction, and you must be 21 to read it.Thanks for all the feedback guys. I now have an editor, and hopefully
things will start looking better. underage ass girls
Sorry about all of the mistakes last
time. Hope this one turns out better. Big thanks to Paul my editor.Hey Guys! I am attempting to write another story. I felt like I was
waiting for new chapters to come out on other stories. So, I thought I
would give it a shot. If you have any questions or comments, or ideas,
please e-mail me at Feedback will be necessary for me
to write this story. naked underage grils
I need to know what you like and what you don't
Like. This story isn't meant to get you off. So, don't write asking for
sex scenes. A lot of the things in this underage 13yo models
story are based on my ideals,
and I am a virgin (so not a lot of action)!Last Time:"Josh," I said grabbing his hand gently. " I can't go any
further. Can
you get to the terminal all right?" I asked. "I put my number in your
phone, so call me if japanese underage 12yr you need anything at all. Even if you need someone
to talk to call me. Justin is meeting you in Baltimore. So, You should
be okay." Josh pulled me towards him and buried his face in my neck."Thank you, Jackson. kiddie porn underage
I promise I will repay you." With that, he gave me a
soft kiss on my neck and looked me in my eyes. His kiss sent jolts
through my body. It almost look like he wanted to kiss me again in front
of the whole airport. Instead, he just smiled. "I will call you soon.
Bye." With that, he let go of my hand, and headed on his way. I felt
like something happened with us, and I was tempted to call his name underage bikini panties
tell him I wanted to go with him. Instead, I just walked away trying not
to get my hopes up.Chapter 2It had been a few hours since I dropped Josh off at
the airport, and I was worried about him the entire
time. I was trying to do anything to keep me busy, but
it wasn't working. It seems that the media heard
about Josh's mom, and it was all over the news. underage bondage models
was on the TV, radio, and computer. So, I opted for a
nap.Let me tell you a little more about my life. I have
lived in Charlotte for about a year. I moved here
after my parents kicked me out when I came out to
them. They were strong Southern Baptists, and nudist underage teen they
thought I was living a life of sin. My grandma
graciously took me into her home. She lived in the
nice area of town, and I had everything I wanted. She
stopped talking to my parents shortly after they
kicked me out, and she was the closest thing I had to
a friend. We did everything together. Shopping was
our favorite pastime. I thought that I would finally
be happy until the fateful day that I received the
call that no one wants to get.*Memory*
I was napping as usual when I was awoken by my phone.
"Hello" I spoke into the phone."May I please speak to Jackson McFarland?" An unknown
voice asked."This is he. Who is this?""My name is Liz Darcy, and I am a kiddie porn underage
nurse at
Presbyterian Hospital." As soon as she said that, my
heart shattered. "We need you to come down to the
hospital. It seems your grandmother has suffered from
a heart attack." I hung up the phone and called my
friend."Hello?" A queeny voice came over the other line."Trent, I need you!" I managed to say between sobs."Jackson? What's wrong?" He asked."Please, just get here." I hung up the phone and
collapsed on my bed. I began sobbing. I didn't know
what to do. The one person that saved me was now
dying. I must have been crying for 20 minutes or so
when I felt a pair of arms wrap around me. I knew
instantly it was Trent, and I was happy he had a key
to my uptown townhouse."What happened, Jackson?" He asked while caressing my
cheek."She's dying Trent." I wailed."Who?" he asked."Grandma Jane. She had a heart attack."I don't really remember the details of that day. By
the time Trent and I got to the hospital, Jane already
passed away.*End of Memory* I would have never made it through that tragic day
and the days after if it wasn't for Trent. He was
there when no one else was. It ended up that my
grandma left me her entire estate which summed up to
be somewhere around the amount of $45 million. I
distributed it around the family, and I even gave some
to my parents. I ended up with $23 million after
everything was over.
Having money is nice, but I would rather have my
grandma any day of the week.I woke up from my nap, and I decided I would cook a
very late dinner. Halfway into cooking the chicken, my
cell phone rang. Instinctively, I answered it without
looking at the caller ID."House of Beauty, This is Cutie. How may I help you?"
I said into the phone thinking it was my friend Trent.
All I got on the line was a giggle. I then realized
it wasn't Trent. "Oh my god, I am so embarrassed.""Don't be, I thought it was cute." A soft voice said
on the other line."Who did I just embarrass myself in front of?" Please
don't be Josh."The one and only Josh." I could almost imagine the
grin he had on his face."Hey, how are you? I was worried about you today.""That's sweet. I am doing ok. The doctors think my
mom is going to pull through. I am so lucky I didn't
lose her." I could hear him sniffle through the phone."Hey, you didn't lose her though. Now you are going to
have to cherish the rest of the time that you have
with your mom. You have to keep reminding her that
you love her." I whispered into the phone."I wish someone was here with me. I don' think I can
deal with this on my own.""What about Justin or the rest of your family?" I
asked"Their good for that but I need a different kind of
comfort." I was confused as to what that suggested.
"I wish you were here. You were so nice and gentle
with me at the airport.""I was I was there too. I hate to gaypussyeatingunderageyield hear you in so much
pain." I had tears coming down my eyes as well."Why don't you come then?" He asked"Josh, why do you want me there? Wouldn't that cause
trouble with your family and friends?" I asked. I
didn't want to get in the middle of his family drama."You would only be here supporting a friend, and
that's what I really need right now." Josh pleaded."All right, let me check some things out with my job,
and I'll give you a call back when I figure it out." I
told him."Great! I am going to try to book you on the next
flight up. Call bbs underage me, OK?" Josh asked."Will do. Call me if you need anything at all. Bye." I
hung up the phone and sunk into the couch trying to
figure out what I was going to do.Josh's POV*I had just hung up the phone with Jackson when I heard
Justin speak up behind me."Care to tell me what that was all about?" Justin
asked Josh."Is there a reason why I should explain anything to
you?" Josh asked bitterly. Justin knelt down in front
of Josh and looked him in his eyes."Josh, I can see that you're hurting. I know that our
mom's stroke was a big part, but even before that I
could tell something was going on. Please talk to me.
It hurts me to see you call for a complete stranger to
come help you when I am right here." Justin was still
kneeling in front underage sex xxx of Josh."Curly, I am just not ready to talk to you about it
yet. I promise I will some time soon, but not yet.
You are my best friend, and you always will be.
Sometimes you need outside reinforcements, and that's
what Jackson is to me. We bonded anime underage girls somehow on the car
trip, and I need him here." Josh started to get up,
but Justin naked underage grils
stopped him by gripping his hand."That's cool Josh. Just remember that I am always
here free underage photos
for you, and you can come to me in any situation.
I'll always love you, bud." Josh pulled Justin into a
hug, and they were both happy for the underage pussy model
time being.*Jackson POV*"Trent," I spoke into the phone while rampaging
through my house trying to find everything I would
need for the trip." I don't know why I am even
considering going to Baltimore to help a complete
stranger. He needs me, and that's all that matters.""Jackson, you are wasting your time. You are getting
your hopes up, and nothing will come out of it." He
spat."I don't care if something comes of it or not. He
needs someone, and he chose me. So, I am going to hop
on that plane and help him." I hung up the phone and
headed out the door.*****Will Jackson go to see Josh, or will he bail out before he gets
there? Stay tuned for the next episode :).
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